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Amakhi Landscape.jpg

The Nontu of the Ice are the most violent and bloody of the tribes because of the reign of terror that Jarnis established once he returned to power.

However, they have full confidence in their commander, guaranteeing him their devotion, certain that he will lead them to victory and a brand-new life.

The Amakhi tribe is strongly hierarchical and within it are castes and functional groups whose membership is endorsed on the basis of several initiation ordeals.

Their economy is of mere subsistence: they manage few commercial activities with the outside world, and they take advantage of the limited deposits of Keitu that they possess among the mountains, using the element as a commodity of exchange within the tribe.

The Amakhi are Animists and believe most of all in Brute Force, of which Jarnis is a living example.

For them, everything can be resolved by violence, so that even the women within their society are forced to prove their worth in order not to succumb to the aggressiveness of the men.

What do they think of other tribes?[]

The Ehlani “The disgrace of the Nontu.”

The Majias “They prefer to talk than fight.”

The Ukuba “Blood and battle brothers, burning like a flame on the battlefield”


Hunter: fast and smart, hunters can take multiple actions in a single activation.

Double Sword: wielding a large sword they do huge melee damage and fight with unstoppable fury.

Special Powers:[]

Their racial ability is to control the Ice element. They can use it to improve their armor or to entangle their enemies.