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The Nontu of the Desert are divided into nomadic tribes who drift from one city to another: the citadel of the Elhani, where the most affluent merchants live, is used institutionally only for citizens’ assemblies.

The faction’s daily life unwinds through a dense network of contacts between the various families, while the people assemble only once a year to check on the progress of business and pay into the Common Fund a share of the proceeds from their trading, proportionate to the number of family members.

The applicable law is that of Retaliation.

The nomadic life of the Ehlani allows them to have an activity based on trade, and nothing forbids them from supplying the Nontu and Vertu with everything that is illegal for them elsewhere. They are skilful in manipulating spices, roots and poisons.

The Elhani do not possess their own cults, but some of them profess the credos of other tribes. They are particularly superstitious when it comes to certain fetishes.

What do they think of other tribes?[]

The Amakhi “Utopians fools, guardians of nothing. An Amakhi slain is worth ten times their ideal of honour.”

They Majias “They pay well. And immediately. They are the best customers you can wish for.”

The Ukuba “They use force to take what they need for the dispute with the divinity of the Volcano. Sooner or later, someone will kill them both and it will be, so long, Ukuba!”


Rogue: they provide tactical support and can steal resources to the enemies.

Poisoner: they fight with poison and toxins, defeating enemies with damage over time.

Special Powers:[]

Poisonborn Ehlani have improved knowledge of poisons.

Stoneborn Ehlani are very resistent to many kind of diseases.