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Ehlani Landscape

Experts in the art of making drugs, poisons and toxic perfumes, they are also often used by the Vertu for secret and illicit commerce.

They know the secret roads between the various regions along which they use caravans to move goods.

The nomadic life of the Elhani allows an activity based on trade, mostly smuggling.

Everything that is illegal for the Vertu and the Nontu the Elhani can obtain, including living beings for the illicit experiments of the Maja and the brutalities of their breeders.

They have also built a fortified citadel on a rocky peak where they grow a unique lichen that serves for their potions and drugs.

Styles:[ | ]

Rogue: they provide tactical support and can steal resources to the enemies.

Poisoner: they fight with poison and toxins, defeating enemies with damage over time.

Special Powers:[ | ]

Poisonborn Elhani have improved knowledge of poisons.

Stoneborn Elhani are very resistent to many kind of diseases.