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Majas Landscape.jpg

The fate of the Maja, shape-shifting, is connected indissolubly to the Keitu because their blood contains a double proportion compared to other Nontu.

Their society, of a selective type, is strongly evolutionary thanks to the various specializations dedicated on the one hand to technological know-how (applied to the construction of artefacts and tools to handle the elements) and on the other to scientific knowledge, in particular that concerning biology and the enhanced transmutation of the body through Keitu, aimed at the creation of Super Warriors.

Styles:[edit | edit source]

Buffer: they manipulate the Keitu in their veins to heal from diseases and gain an incredible strength.

Debuffer: they manipulate the Keitu in the enemies’ bodies, weakening them and draining their life.

Special Powers:[edit | edit source]

One of their abilities is to channel cards at a lower cost; the other is to have their natural armor increased.