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The Nontu are a people of a tribal and primordial type, by nature warriors with a very concrete character, who have however given life to a complex and intricate society.

Once they landed on Krenus, on the basis of their different responses and the area where they were exposed, their bodies suffered a strong side effect from the Albedonite, and mutated, growing stronger in the process and bringing forth markers on their body, including decorative ones, according to the element with which they hybridized.

On the basis of these differences, different tribes became established, evolving into races. The values which the various races believe in are so different that over time they have created rifts within the faction, dividing the various peoples.


Nontu society is meritocratic, based not only on strength, but also on cunning and tenacity. Everything must be earned and maintained through a series of trials. Every race (Ukuba, Amaki, Maja, Elhani) has a Chief of the Lineage, known as the Tootemank.

The Grand Tootemank is the head of the Supreme Chief of the Lineage, and wears the Keitkirch, a ring into which the Keitu flows. Every race has also a Council made up of three members: a hunter, an elder and a young warrior. The Assembly is the meeting of all the Tootemanks and of the various members of the Council. On the basis of the Regions colonized and their changing physical and cultural characteristics, the Nontu have been split into various races, i.e.:

The Ukuba, or Nontu of Fire and Lava, who inhabit the southernmost part, rich in volcanoes and facing the sea. The Amaki, or Nontu of the Ice, who inhabit the northernmost areas, the glaciers. The Maja, or Nontu of the Marshes, who live in the central fluvial and marshy part. The Elhani, or Nontu of the Deserts, who wander as nomads in the desert areas.


Inherited from the original Nontu, these are the trials which make up the Path, i.e. a series of tests for each Nontu to deal with life. On the basis of the outcome of these the Nontu acquire their roles, continuously called into question.

The life of the Nontu is thus marked by some fundamental passages known as The Ways, which correspond to changes of role within social groups. Each of them coincides with a precise age and decides the fate of every inhabitant. Here they are in order:

  • Greeting: the baptism and presentation to the community. The new-born child must undergo an ordeal according to the Laws, and whoever fails to pass it is entrusted to the Kingdom of Shadows.
  • Path: means life as a whole, from the Greeting up to the Embrace (death).
  • First Step: the leaving of the maternal nucleus and the crucial step of integration in the community, in order to carry out the tasks gradually required.
  • Ascent: an initiation test to definitively enter adulthood. This is a series of different trials, with variable levels of danger and some traps.
  • Descent: the path towards old age. This can also arrive early in the event of illness, injury, or accident.
  • Embrace: the conclusion of an individual’s journey in accordance with the wishes of Klastra, in other words, death.
  • Tests: those for social climbing which allow the Nontu to ascend the short hierarchy of command within their own people.


The Huntakhi are the special corps of Albedonite hunters and they are selected and sent from every single race as a tribute to society, each making their choice in a different way from the point of view of values and strategy. Jarnis is their supreme commander, just as he is for all the Nontu.


  • The Huntakhi of the Ice: for the Amaki, to be chosen for the special corps is an honour. They are the special corps and the military arm of Jarnis.
  • The Huntakhi of the Tides: are Maja chosen from amongst those guilty of dissidence against the Creed of Keitu and not deemed worthy of being part of the Maja faction.
  • The Huntakhi of the Dunes: are chosen from among the Elhani who enjoy less fame within the Elhani, because of being considered unworthy for any reason. Some, incognito, are sent out as spies by the Elhani.
  • The Huntakhi of the Volcanoes: join the Ukuba who cannot control the manipulation of fire or rock. They are crazy loose cannon too dangerous for their home society.