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Ukuba Landscape

Live in the land of volcanoes and are divided at birth according to their nature into Children of Fire and Children of Rock by means of a trial.

Their body is immersed in lava which brings out their nature through a spontaneous reaction of incarnation of fire or rock depending on their DNA:

  • The Children Of Fire are Ukuba who have the ability to manipulate the Fire of white-hot lava.
  • The Children Of Rock are Ukuba who have the ability to manipulate the Rock of white-hot lava.
Styles:[ | ]

Sword Shield Warrior: they are good melee fighters, they do good damage while being protected by a rock shield on their arm.

Flame Summoner: they channel the fire of Vulcanos to shoot their enemies. They have few hit points but can do ranged and area burning damage.

Special Powers:[ | ]

They can be born from Fire or Stone, improving their burning damages or their armor and strength.